Calories in Plums

Calories in Plums

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Calories in Plums

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Plums Calories and Macronutrients

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Total Fat
Sat. Fat
Plums, canned, heavy syrup, drained1 cup, with pits16342.30.80.30
Plums, canned, purple, extra heavy syrup pack, solids and liquids1 cup26468.70.90.30
Plums, canned, purple, heavy syrup pack, solids and liquids230600.90.30
Plums, canned, purple, juice pack, solids and liquids14638.21.30.10
Plums, canned, purple, light syrup pack, solids and liquids159410.90.30
Plums, canned, purple, water pack, solids and liquids10227.5100
Plums, dried (prunes), stewed, with added sugar1 cup30881.52.70.50
Plums, dried (prunes), stewed, without added sugar1 cup26569.62.40.40
Plums, dried (prunes), uncooked408108.
Plums, raw7618.81.20.50

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