Calories in Syrups

Calories in Syrups

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Calories in Syrups

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Syrups Calories and Macronutrients

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Total Fat
Sat. Fat
Syrups, chocolate, fudge-type1064191.21427.112.1
Syrups, chocolate, HERSHEYS Genuine Chocolate Flavored Lite Syrup2 tbsp5011.90.20.20
Syrups, corn, dark938254.5000
Syrups, corn, high-fructose871235.6000
Syrups, corn, light964261.500.70
Syrups, dietetic96118.11.900
Syrups, grenadine5413.4000
Syrups, malt1221273.823.800
Syrups, maple842216.300.60.1
Syrups, sorghum957247.2000
Syrups, table blends, cane and 15% maple87621900.10.1
Syrups, table blends, corn, refiner, and sugar1008265.1000
Syrups, table blends, pancake735193000
Syrups, table blends, pancake, reduced-calorie394106.3000
Syrups, table blends, pancake, with 2% maple835219.200.30.1
Syrups, table blends, pancake, with 2% maple, with added potassium835219.200.30
Syrups, table blends, pancake, with butter932233.4053.2

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