Calories in Frozen Novelties

Calories in Frozen Novelties

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Calories in Frozen Novelties

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Frozen Novelties Calories and Macronutrients

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Total Fat
Sat. Fat
Frozen novelties, Fat Free FUDGESICLE bars1 serving6413.
Frozen novelties, fruit and juice bars6715.60.90.10
Frozen novelties, ice cream type, chocolate or caramel covered, with nuts1 bar17116.72.410.96.8
Frozen novelties, ice cream type, ESKIMO PIE BAR, Vanilla Ice Cream, with dark chocolate coating1 bar16612.
Frozen novelties, ice cream type, sundae, prepackaged100 grams18529.44.363.1
Frozen novelties, ice cream type, vanilla ice cream, light, no sugar added, chocolate coated100 grams22627.56.410.15.5
Frozen novelties, ice type, fruit, no sugar added1 bar123.20.30.10
Frozen novelties, ice type, italian, restaurant-prepared153.9000
Frozen novelties, ice type, lime.5 cup12732.30.400
Frozen novelties, ice type, pineapple-coconut.5 cup11223.702.62.3
Frozen novelties, ice type, pop1 serving411000.10
Frozen novelties, ice type, pop, with low calorie sweetener1 serving133.2000
Frozen novelties, ice type, sugar free, orange, cherry, and grape POPSICLE pops1 serving112.8000
Frozen novelties, juice type, orange286.90.100
Frozen novelties, juice type, POPSICLE SCRIBBLERS1 serving276.600.10
Frozen novelties, KLONDIKE, SLIM-A-BEAR Chocolate Cone1 serving17635.
Frozen novelties, KLONDIKE, SLIM-A-BEAR Chocolate Sandwich1 serving13528.
Frozen novelties, KLONDIKE, SLIM-A-BEAR Fudge Bar, 98% fat free, no sugar added1 serving9222.
Frozen novelties, KLONDIKE, SLIM-A-BEAR Mint Sandwich1 serving13428.
Frozen novelties, KLONDIKE, SLIM-A-BEAR Vanilla Cone1 serving17535.
Frozen novelties, KLONDIKE, SLIM-A-BEAR Vanilla Sandwich1 serving13428.
Frozen novelties, KLONDIKE, SLIM-A-BEAR, No Sugar Added, Stickless Bar100 grams22427.
Frozen novelties, No Sugar Added CREAMSICLE Pops1 serving256.
Frozen novelties, No Sugar Added, FUDGESICLE pops1 serving8818.830.80.5
Frozen novelties, Sugar Free, CREAMSICLE Pops1 serving399.

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